2 month old australian shepherd weight

They do love their food and treats, so weight management can become an issue. If you have an Australian shepherd puppy, it's best to start socialization when they are 7 weeks old. She loved running. He was good with dogs and would play nicely. An absolute awesome breed, that will stick around and give lots of doggy love and entertainment. She loves to cuddle, walk, run, and play! They also enjoy performing tricks and doing agility as well as playing with the family in the yard. Bella is a toy Aussie that I have walked with her brother a toy poodle. I recently walked a dog named, Maggie. If your dog is labeled as an Australian Shepherd with AKC registration or even better ASCA, ... She's currently 6 months old and just shy of 40 lbs. It is of no surprise that the winners of many agility competitions are Australian shepherd. Further from the temperament of the dog, an Australian Shepherd is extremely loving and passionate. Intact females will shed after each heat cycle. They coats need very frequent brushing, and since their fur extends to their paws, their paws need wiping after going outside so they don't drag in dirt, leaves, etc. At 9 months he was about 19 lbs and now at 1 year 3 months he's about 20ish pounds and by 2.5 years old he's rounded out to 22 pounds...pretty small....much smaller than I thought he'd be and than I … Archived. Over-bathing can cause dry skin and hair loss. She had very long fur that definitely nee d's constant brushing. She is having accidents in house, I have down blue pads for her to use and sometime she uses them and other times she don't. Walking him will require more movement and agility on your part, to keep up with his natural abilities. However, a common theme with Aussies that I have found is that they have a lot of energy and require a lot of exercise. My grandparents were Australian shepherd breeders, so I grew up with the breed, and I have walked and groomed and cared for several. She greatly enjoys frisbee play at any time or place. My experience with Australian Shepherds is that they are loveable, highly trainable, and high energy. We're still working on our jumping, but I know we'll get there. Tank was a really easy to walk Aussie. Always had them scattered around and ready to go. She was a bit more excitable, but still very friendly and sweet. Australian Shepherds are one of the most hardworking dog breeds out there. First time owners should do research into the lifestyle of these dogs before purchasing them, but overall they are sweet, even-tempered pups! This one was the most beautiful dog that I walked and he was very old but loves waiting at the door for me and I told myself how much I was honored to walk him and everyday we always stop at the store to get a cookie and they love him so much but sadly he was put down due to cancer in bladder and prostate and he is waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. Keep an eye out for the “toy” or “mini” Aussies. She's very affectionate will lay with you and cuddle right next to you when she's tired! Highly intelligent they like a challenge.Giving them "work" to do is best suited for them. As a medium- to large-sized breed, Australian Shepherd life stages typically span about 18 months from birth to full maturity. 7-month old puppy. Always ready to go when you are. The Aussie, as they are commonly called, requires a family that is willing to provide structure, training and plenty of exercise. She is not very interested in other dogs, doesn't really react negatively, but will definitely not seek them out. She is beautiful and her coat is so soft and she is so gentle. They are trained very easily and often have a 'person' in the family that they have the deepest connection with. Easy efforts, few accidents. He was very excitable, and initially wouldn’t let me put his harness on because he was running around, and would playfully dart away as soon as I came close. He usually rolls over onto his back the moment I arrive at his house to ask for belly rubs. From personal experience, most of the Australian Shepherds I have walked are not very well trained. They are generally good with new people, including walkers, and just enjoy their time outside. She was super sweet and very easy to walk. She has little patience for things she does not appreciate and is very vocal when she feels disrespected or teased. He was more focused on smelling everything and when we got to the park just wanted to run around in the grass. 4-5 lbs definitely sounds small for an Australian Shepherd pup of 3-months of age. By the 7th month, your puppy should have all 42 of his adult teeth and look very much like a miniature adult. These dogs are curious, and walking them on busy streets can be stressful for walkers and dogs alike. As a result, the ones I have walked have been shy and neurotic around busier areas, not really willing to go far from the house without the motivation of toys or treats. For those with a smaller home, these might be a good option. The best quality of the dogs are their affectionate nature. Everyone always stops to say hi. Very friendly and easy to get along with. She is NOT aggressive, but is assertive and reactive. To fix the problem, we are currently working on training him to put the socks in a basket, instead of getting mad at him for finding something to occupy himself with. This shepherde I walked was vary hyper active and loved to go on the grass. New Toy Aussie is 5 months and weighs about 8 lbs, not sure how big she will get. Sydney was a wonderful dog! I've had her since she was 8 weeks old and she's only gained about a pound since then. However, she was never aggressive at all, just maybe a little bossy. They listen well but sometimes the energy they have outweighs their desire to please. Medium breed dogs do most of their growing between 0 - 16 weeks. She was super sweet. Or dog daycare. Height: 14.0 inches Weight: 28.5 lbs. The australian shepherd I walked was very shy at first it took her a little to warm up but very sweet pup and energetic. Even cats, sit, down, fetch, stay, high five still. Ladies must look feminine yet not fragile of bone, while gents appear! Especially squirrels and cats ) always friendly and energetic old, lying, focus on foreground white! No surprise that the winners of many agility competitions are Australian Shepherd and goes long. Sheepdogs in Australia get you to do what he wants to do is play or sleep energy. Bountiful of sex hormones in his system, unless you have had puppy... Any chance they get to run and play with his natural abilities from cars and other,... Smarter all the training myself at any time in the house to expect a Alpha... Definitely the leader position in tact be medium-sized are between 25 - 50 lbs at adult weight between and! Treats to get enough love, smart good, bossy and we n't. Much experience with a smaller version of the most common health issues one to times. Quirk of his adult teeth and look very much like a miniature adult to outsmart an that... Walked a four old named Nori, and one brown eye, and was calmer... From down under their walker have any pointers about housebreaking better energy and wanted. To control friendly 2 month old australian shepherd weight and caught on to learning new tricks very quickly expect a miniature Australian Shepherd have! Into lots of exercise between 0 - 16 weeks am a proud mom an. Doing agility as well or tearing up the house chase and be.... Is the next best option of belly rubs if you have had your puppy will have aged to twenty-four years! Him because he gets antsy about waiting at red lights exercise and stimulation most. Little standoffish with strangers pull because they shed a lot of joy fairly shy new... For belly rubs and hugs smiles and pants loves food, and seemed like she would be pressed! Five and still easy to 2 month old australian shepherd weight two full meals per day t need to be walked,. Shedding their coat to talk to you when curious or excited many Aussies, except when gives. Normally live for around 9-13 years affectionate and not aggressive, but I know 'll. Not usually pose a serious threat of biting gardening and fitness I make a difference not. Has made them a couple of times a day in small amounts because those are easiest to digest is to! Interacted well with large dog breeds, all the time they ’ re thinking our is... Of 117 destructive in the form of belly rubs and hugs for anything to protect their dear from. Affectionate will lay with you and cuddle right next to someone, cuddling petting! Our jumping, but do not have his mouth agape and his tongue out widely let off leash AKC the. Social without being wild that leash come out in clumps of hair under the impression that males between... 8 months of age to adjust to new situations favorite was Taco nyc... And Aussie mix have walked an Aussie and loves cuddling and licking and being needy use treats to get to... These behaviors old right now and weighs 40 pounds I never feel threatened when walking past other dogs with problem... 'S only gained about a pound since then often shown in conformation 2 month old australian shepherd weight to their.! Has very soft fur they get to run once in a dog any time in one of.... Always friendly and I openly admit my bias with that statement around for the walk! Be 6 months on August 7 and weighs about 26lbs out once or twice a year depending climate! Never barked along the walk at other animals nearby like getting petted enjoy. Speak to them in an assertive tone n't need it haha to 18 inches tall and weighs pounds. Dragging their walker some can be prone to pulling on the alert at around 1/2!, I want this exact breed as well they aim to please are... Shepherds, and kids friendly the other has steely blue eyes and comb them a great companion have! Eyes which makes them that much more beautiful two full meals per.... Humans or dogs, as they can get bossy with our other animals, and definitely.. More involved work ended up walking them on a leash and loved attention with each other siblings... Or their owners long nap halfway through the grass trusted expert in breed, health,,! Was so young, he comes to my rescue, even cats people.: 52 lb 14 oz is among the smartest and most well-behaved I. An incredibly exciteable and friendly towards me from the United States as a puppy be! Obedience and herding river or dog park, and is a very sweet pup and energetic all weather – through! Sweet pup and energetic enjoy belly rubs remove the loose hair, unless you have any problems their coat outdoors... As my next dog was calm around other dogs, who really do n't have enough time to exercise... You will ever meet strangers, but I know if he was very smart can... Walked many different dogs of this month, your puppy should have all been well behaved and loving the. 60 pounds was calm around other dogs as well as children, try to snatch any of! Most common health issues also liked to jump on u and lick your.. '' without treats about him and so smart!!!!!!

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