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Thats all. Before and after accutane. I just got prescribed Diane birth control (Brenda generic) to add to my current prescription of 100mg minocycline and differin gel. [B&A] One year… i never expect such a great result. [Acne] Started Accutane about a year ago and finished in November. Pick a cleanser, treatment step, and moisturizer. This the most important step of a skincare routine targeted towards acne. At 34 I had pimples like a teenager. Wasn’t happy. Today is my 37th Birthday and This is Me with ZERO Makeup! Then I switched birth control when I was 22 (living in a different country) and had horrible cystic acne. Am I the queen of sensitive skin or what I was hoping “vanicream of cosrx low ph” would be my facial BAE but i was wrong. [B&A] After two months of non-stop skin care addiction. I don't remember what kind it was, but it wasn't tricyclen. Before and After: 16 weeks on Epiduo/Tactuo. I told you that I was taking accutane to treat acne and i’m now done with my course two days ago! I was having some issues with cystic acne and alongside a RX for spiro from my derm recently, I’ve been implementing a TON of your product recs. thanks! Long story short, I had to cut my (half year) beard off due to a massive folliculitis type break out beneath it, I think due to overwashing with a bar of soap, harsh exfoliation, and over oiling to make up for the dryness. I will say ortho also gave me worse cramps and a heavier period. (Interestingly, he noted, combined hormone birth control pills ― that is pills with both estrogen and progestin ― are a common treatment option for acne.) He just moisturizes twice daily with a hyaluronic acid / urea cream (kinda like the one I make! I’ve been all over this site for hours now, and have a plan of attack. The most used makeup remover just so happens to be my favorite one. No cleansing, toning, treating — nada! :'(. It´s awesome! My skin was the worst was it has ever been with painful Cystic acne until I went back on it, and a long course of antibiotics. All the following people used a combination of active ingredients. Hope you have found this useful or interesting! Anytime you need statistical graphs or conttol charts, hunt me down, sir! I’ve been following your blog and Wholly implemented this philosophy of skincare which has resulted in the best skin I’ve had since early youth! The idea is to use an active ingredient that treats breakouts. Thanks!!! Partly attributed to diet but I think the hormones have something to do with it. There’s no way I’d have even attempted reading through all those posts individually… Another great resource for linking people to . If you are using Depo-Provera as your form of birth control, you may not need to use two forms of birth control. Clay masks can be overly drying if used too much. If you’re going to use the oil cleansing method try mineral oil first! – 2.5% benzoyl peroxide (any brand) short contact therapy 5-10 minutes prior to washing I feel like I’m finally back to the weight I was before I even started thinking about how much I weigh. And that extra weight was from being on the pill for so long. The Hanhoo Acne Spot Patches successfully cleared this Reddit user’s cystic acne during a four-hour flight, and they’re just $2 a pack at Walmart. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. “He just moisturizes twice daily with a hyaluronic acid / urea cream (kinda like the one I make! “I have been on ortho tri-cyclen for about 10 years. Serums and toners aren’t necessary for clearing acne. So I was wondering if plant extracts could possibly contribute to worsening fungal acne. From products to procedures, nothing is off limits and you'll be able to share information with like minded people. Final Words. Before and After pics. While birth control is widely prescribed for contraception and acne control purposes, there are a few things to be aware of before beginning an oral birth control regimen. As you can see this section is one giant huge cluster f*ck! No surprise here, the most popular combination therapy was BP and BHA. Stick with that for AT LEAST 6 weeks (preferably longer). Routine in comments! No rush. Women who smoke, have high blood pressure, or are older than 35 are advised against taking oral contraceptives . . Granted, the birth control pill is no miracle worker for all skin problems, or even every kind of acne. Urea For Skin Explained (14 Studies): Literally Everything You Need To Know! I have a DR appointment monday to start birth control and I'm hoping to hear feedback on which birth control has helped clear up your acne. I haven’t experienced any weight gain or other side effects so far, though it’s very important to note that Diane/Estelle carry an increased risk of blood clots (more so than other OCPs) so keep that in the back of your mind if you get any DVT symptoms! So just like hormonal birth control, antibiotics might clear up your skin while you’re on them, but they’re ultimately making one of the root causes of acne worse. The top were taken when I started (late 2014) the bottom were taken today. It’s a good reminder that cleansers may not be entirely necessary if you’re not wearing sunscreen or heavy makeup. Now I have clear skin, much less oil and a balanced, glowing complexion, so the pill has been massively helpful for me. Water Source: I’m a Licensed Esthetician & love skincare and i am like you where i want to give people hope and real knowledge. [B&A] About a year of difference. For most people, I recommend rinsing with water in the morning. I have put on a small amount of weight, however I don’t think it can be entirely attributed to the pill. and just simply cleanse and moisturize. – Hada Labo Gokujun Premium Hyaluronic Solution [B&A] Absorbica (isotretinoin) was the best decision of my life! I’m thankful that I’m very educated on this sub because if I didn’t know any better I would’ve stuck with the antibiotic my whole life and possibly inflicted major damage. There are many different types of progestin. It’s also a huge plus that it is incredibly affordable compared to many other pills, around $15 for 3 months. It’s guaranteed to make you go “AH-HA!” and will help clear your skin. You plug in your zip code, city, or state to instantly see a list of services that can deliver birth control and emergency contraception directly to your door. Good luck! I am sooooooo incredibly happy I found your blog. I’ve also starting using an AHA/BHA and retinol. Just stick to it! . Before and after pic just only 4 weeks of progress into getting my Rosacea under control!!!! That coupled with a good skincare regimen of go-to face wash, swipeys and oil and Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion plus. I had cystic acne on my jawline, behind my ears, and sometimes even in my armpits and groin, and you just cant battle those kinds of hormonal issues with any kind of topical treatment.  Thank you for your blog posts! Then I stopped taking the pill and went on the Mirena IUD. They are Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Estrostep and YAZ (however, YAZ is the same birth control … Thanks so much! From 10 years of hiding behind thick make up and miserable in my own skin to being comfortable barefaced and happy to look in a mirror. Avoid Scars & Speed Recovery, Probiotics for Skin: Choosing Which is Best for You, Why the pH of Skin and Products Are Crucially Important (2020 Updated), Chemical Peels At Home Explained (13 Studies): EVERYTHING You Need to Know, Clarisonic Mia 2 (Thoughts After 2 Years), Cosrx Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence. Never did a proper before/after my accutane. The number next to the items listed below denote how many different people used it. [Before&After] My Progress Pictures ~ Tretinoin, I give you two thumbs up! Thanks for sharing dude, you are honestly a hero. Before I started taking it my free testosterone was through the roof and I had horrible, painful, deep cystic acne along my jawline. The only thing that made me keep going around in circles with my doctor is the fact that I wanted something that was theoretically safe to be on long term, since she said that I could stay on minocycline for forever if I wanted to like omg that is crazy. THANK YOU for this, so much. About a year and a half ago it stopped working for acne and I have horrible hormonal acne all over my chin. They focused on babying their skin instead, and thought the harsh acne treatments only made things worse. Today I am stress-free, confident, and fully blown away by how much my skin has improved in just 2 weeks. Happy to see some of my favorites making the list as well. Thank You Skincareaddiction [Personal]. Even though I ended up treating my acne with roaccutane, I definitely think staying on Diane has helped keep my skin in check. I can barely read through reddit what with all the links and permalinks and dots and arrows and people who don’t really know how to write. [B&A] One year of skincare and I finally feel confident with my bare face! Sigh…. I have also found that it doesn’t affect my mental health at all, which was a big issue I had with other contraceptive pills I had tried when I was younger. Using occlusives at the end of your skincare routine is a great way to seal everything in and prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL). They haven’t budged one inch. I’m an Eleventh doctor typa girl haha. I have been on it for about 3 years now to help combat hormonal cystic acne and I will likely stay on it unless my doctor recommends something else. My skin is DRAMATICALLY improving. Active ingredients: ethinylestradiol and norgestimate. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Got it? This is something I’ve recommend plenty of times on this blog because mineral oil is an inert substance with no fatty acids, meaning it won’t cause any immunologic response from the skin. Thank you so much for your response! [B&A] After 4 months of PIE, I finally have hope for good skin for the first time in my life. , [B&A] Come a long way, still got a long way to go. Started when I was 17 and it was my first ever birth control. Thank you so much for your response! For example, if you see “Accutane  = 10” that means 10 people used accutane. Fragrance You’re a hero for getting through all that and cataloging their results. Used Epiduo and Clindoxyl for a long time prior to the beard, which did clear my younger acne, not sure if it left a empty battle field when i stopped too. Funny, because I took it when I was a teenager with no problems.. Oh man, I’m kinda sensitive to nausea so hopefully it doesn’t bug me too much. I haven't tried Diane but I have tried a few different pills with different result, Levlen, yaz and yasmin made me depressed but the latter two gave me glowing skin, Norminin-1 fixed my skin, worked with my brain chemistry but did help me put on some weight after being on it for 8-12 months, With these kinds of things it unfortunately can be alot of trial and error but I know many people that have had good luck with the first pill they tried. Cookies help us deliver our Services. sebamed gel, clinique dramatically different)? . Not a lot of people do these and I agree. This is the product he uses.”. Can finally go out with minimal makeup! How great! I am very happy to read success stories of people who have had skin troubles. Don't worry it's nothing spammy! And considering that the average course of antibiotics for acne is three to four months, the damage to the gut can be much greater. Can you check this bar soap if it’s Malasezia-food grade free? .rll-youtube-player, [data-lazy-src]{display:none !important;}, by f. c. | Last updated Apr 18, 2020 | 51 comments. – Simple Kind to Skin Wash Gel if only we knew what we know now. I have a quick question for you. :p. Because there were A LOT of differences in terms of what products people used, I will simply list them in their respective categories, and throw my thoughts in as we go. I am new to your blog and late to the party (I love your blog, I am reading every night lol), and this might be a stupid question but I was wondering if you would recommend all these products for rosacea-sufferers as well? After six months, I’m officially finished with my second course of Accutane. Love your username! When using birth control pills to treat acne, you should expect it to take a few months before your skin clears. Thank you so much!! What a freaking coincidence! Thank you so much for what you do. [Personal] Since I was 14 I have been terrified to leave the house without makeup. The … I also have recently purchased a lot of the products you mentioned on your site prior to coming here. to come and discuss all things skincare related. I filtering through r/skincareaddiction’s top 50 before and afters photos as chosen by the community and examined their routines. Azelaic Acid + Antibiotics + Tretinoin = 1 (had a Curology prescription with Clindamycin 1%, Tretinoin 0.018%, Azelaic acid 8%), Benzoyl Peroxide + Adapalene = 1 (used prescription Epiduo), Benzoyl Peroxide + Adapalene + Antibiotics = 1 (used 0.3% adapalene, clindamycin phosphate), Retin A + Sulfur = 1 (used de la cruz sulfur ointment), Paula’s Choice RESIST Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum = 1, Paula’s Choice Vitamin C Super Booster = 1, Thayer’s Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner = 1, Embryolisse Lait crème Concentre = 1 (combined it with Avene Cicalfate Cream at night), Garnier Skin Active Moisture Rescue for Dry Skin = 1, Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream-Gel moisturizer = 1, Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin = 1, Olive Face Moisturizer + Herbivore Lapis Balancing Oil + Egyptian Magic Balm = 1, Paula’s Choice SKIN BALANCING Invisible Finish Moisture Gel Moisturizer = 1, Simple Gel Moisturizer, Ultra Light = 1 (safe for malassezia), Murad Oil Free Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++ = 1, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 60 = 1, Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen SPF 85 = 1, Paulas choice EXTRA CARE Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 50 = 1, Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk SPF 50 PA+++ = 1, Freeman Charcoal and black sugar mask twice a week = 1, People who skipped their morning cleanse or simply rinsed with water = 18.

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