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Speaking Workshops

Glocal Identity 

Healthy self concept and self esteem building centered around place and cultural identity in a local and global context. 


I’m Changing My World, by Changing Me!

Participants identify personal core values, passion and “work” in the world. Highlighting the value of service, social entrepreneurship, and community engagement based on the philosophy of collective social change through individual self-transformation. 


Dream Pyramid 

Goal setting and dream mapping, creating a visual pyramid that assesses talents, passion, and accrued soft skills, while referencing our DREAM profession and lifestyle. 


Santos S.O.U.L. is an Edutainer, Songwriter, Mindful Movement Instructor & InnerG Artist for change and transformation!

His words – whether sung, spit, or spoken – will change your world view and empower you to engage in your community in a whole new way.


Santos Outreach 

Santos S.O.U.L. is force of change, connecting the power of mindful lyrics, music, movement & breathwork for people of all ages. His work in schools, colleges, boardrooms, and retreats, ignites people to think about their role in the world and how to use their voice to create and transform within and around them. He is especially engaged in working and learning alongside the youth, centering how the next generations can reconnect to their ancestors, while re-envisioning pathways forward, taking their place at the world table and defining themselves in a positive local and global context.


His presentations and workshops will propel attendees to explore and discover their paths – not only in their community, but in this world – and he will do it with heart, soul, and inevitably breathwork & song, as his guitar follows him everywhere! Santos is greatly influenced by Tai Chi, Kriya Yoga, and Kemetic healing Arts, holds the rank of Sifu instructor and has a Bachelors of Arts.


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