Programing encompasses a curriculum centered on personal and cultural empowerment including:

Word, Sound, Power! & Lyrics to Life: 

Poetry, Rhyme, and Song Writing – 

Analyzing words in contemporary speech and music, how they affect our interactions and behavior.  Students create their own creative works and share with the larger group. 

Personal Poetic Mission Statement:


Participants will identify their core values and create a personal mission statement in the form of a short tagline, poem, or song.  Students will be encouraged to memorize and share/perform their short mission.  Recording project available per permission and equipment/Studio access. (Additional Fee) 

Dream Pyramid – Goal Setting, Personal Lifestyle Vision, Dream Mapping:


Goal setting and dream mapping, creating a visual pyramid that assesses talents, passion, and accrued soft skills, while referencing our DREAM profession and lifestyle. Finally, participants will assess what qualities, hard skills, training, and experiences are needed to “Live their Dreams.”  Participants will also map out an accountability team. 

Cross Cultural Communication, Social Justice, Equity and Empowerment:

 “I am a Master of Peace”

Students witness and learn how to hold respectful and transformative communication amidst emotional intensity, discussing sensitive topics of race, socio-economic background, and culture via the American Textures 


Documentary: Tools and resources to facilitate dialogue and safe, healthy actions at home and respective communities offered. 

InnerGy Management: 

 “I am a Master of Peace”

Behavioral and emotional awareness and management through mindfulness and movement based on the ancient arts of Tai Chi, Gung Fu, Yoga, and other cultural and innerGy movement-based systems. Participants explore the value and importance of physical/mental/emotional self-regulation for wellness, success, and conflict resolution. Basic introduction to physical and energetic anatomy. Research proves increase in balance, flexibility, arthritis management, and circulatory health with consistent practice. Self-Defense, Anti-bullying, and Martial Arts Instruction available. 

Glocal Identity: 


Students define and affirm their self-concept, personal sense of place, and commUnity.  Students outline their interests and professional aspirations across a map of the world, identifying who and where else shares same interests/professional aspirations.  Promotes global citizenship, cultural diplomacy, and creates global awareness rooted in respective identities related to place and the intersection of traditions, cultures, and authentic ways of being.   

I’m Changing My World, by Changing Me!


Participants identify personal core values, passion and “work” in the world.  Highlighting the value of service, social entrepreneurship, and community engagement based on the philosophy of collective social change through individual self-transformation. What are you committed to Changing in the World?  (Family, Work/Learning Environment, Community) What are you committed to changing within self, in order to realize that Change? #teamCWCM


Prices for appearances, performances, and workshops on the grassroots level (public, private, and homeschool communities, K-12, small business, and municipal organizations) are prorated based on hours, numbers of participants, and specific deliverables. 

Rates and Services for larger scale presentations; College/Universities, Professional Learning/Conferences vary to scale. 

Presentations, Performances, and Workshops are available as Residencies for: A minimum of 3 days, multiple weeks, or quarterly follow ups over a year. Long term residencies with customized follow up over the course of 4 years per specific desired outcomes are also available. This is ideal in supporting organizations and learning environments desiring to monitor sustained impact and success of our work over time!

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Leave one of our workshops with insight, tools, and understanding of your power in the world. Starting with self and expanding on a local, national, and global level.


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