Delivering life changing, entertaining, and educational programing that empowers healthy collective and individual social change, self-transformation and a healthy relationship to place. 


By Implementing the TeamCWCM Curriculum Guide for Self Transformation & Collective Change; GlocalSoul Edutainment delivers workshops, Events, Short and Long Term Residencies, 1 on 1 or Small group consultations & programming virtually and in person that Inspire, Entertain, Educate and Empower. Music, Affirmation, Mindful Movement breathwork (Qigong), Creative Writing and playful Team Building are just some of the tools we incorporate to engage developmentally appropriate groups at the Corporate, Collegiate/University, Community Organization, or Youth Groups ages 7-14 and 14-21 levels

The Work

Our Work is centered on creating authentic connections;  access to and the sharing of resources; wealth creation, acquisition and circulation; and empowering the physical, mental/emotional and cultural wellness centering Indigenous, Black, Brown, and POC networks and communities locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. We offer programing available to ALL people with areas of focus on:

  1. Self Regulation and Boundary Management tools via Mindful Moves & Gung Fu 
  2. Personal Vision Mapping and Goal Setting (D.R.E.A.M. Work)
  3. Word, Sound, Power- Esteem building through Affirmation and Creative Expression
  4. Racial Equity, Intercultural Collaboration and Understanding Facilitation
  5. Cultural Geography & Glocal Identity-Environmental stewardship, Justice, Engagement, & Awareness. Exploration of Present and Historic Indigenous & African centered community & cultural lifestyle models.

Our Motto

Cultivating and Connecting a more Consciously Aware commUnity WorldWide,

by Planting seeds of self Transformation and Collective Change,

one heart and mind at a time.

Globally United, Locally Thriving, Powered by SOUL!

Noted Appearances, Presentations,

Training, and Performances

School for International Training, Language, and Culture Study, Kunning, China 2005

New Story Summit Findhorn Institute, Scotland, September 2014

LEAF Festival, Fall 2015, Spring 2017

American Textures Documentary, 2016-2017

LEAF International- Ambassador, St. Luis de Sud, Haiti, Summer 2016

NC Collegiate Campus Compact, Edutainment Keynote 2016

Methodist University, Keynote International Education Week 2016

Life is A Verb Conference, Fall 2016 and Fall 2018 

Arizona State University, Keynote International Education Week, 2017

Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institute, Keynote International Education Week, 2017

Organizational and Private TaiChi’ Chi Gung and Gung Fu Instructor, Piedmont and Asheville, NC 2008-2022 

TeamCWCM Curriculum Presentation DODDS schools Yokosuka Japan, Seoul, Korea Spring 2019

Who is Santos S.O.U.L. ? 

Singer/Songwriter, Poet, Cultural Organizer, Edutainer,

Tai Chi & Gung Fu Sifu and father, “Santos” is an artist of many forms.

Santos S.O.U.L, is a Poetic Soul Singer, Songwriter, and Cultural Organizer. Santos has been performing and culturally organizing through music, movement, and Edutainment nationally and internationally for over 15 years. Connecting community from the Bay Area, California to the Carolinas, Santos extends his journey aimed at “sustainable Collective Change Through Self-Transformation” with song, affirmation, breath, and movement. His influences draw from the message music of Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, Hip-Hop Culture, Spoken Word, R&B, and World folk music. His mantra is, “I’m Changing My World, by Changing Me!”


Santos is Cacique/Chief and founder of GlocalSoul Edutainment, an art-based business and empowerment platform officially started in 2014. Its mission is to deliver Life Changing, Entertaining, and Educational Programing empowering individual self-transformation and healthy collective social change using the TeamCWCM Methodology & Curriculum Guide for Self Transformation and Collective Change.


As an artist, Santos continues to explore the healing power of breath, sound, and vibration in music, sharing uplifting, empowering messages for self and others through a blend of soulful acoustic and electronic music stylings.  


As an advocate, organizer and facilitator Santos utilizing his music to foster community development and change through the Team Changing My World by Changing ME (@TeamCWCM) platform and curriculum. Santos possesses a B.A. in Political Science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, and is also a Sifu/Instructor in Temple Style Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, and Gung Fu. He is a son, grandson, father, brother, and friend.



You are in CommUnity with Mother Earth, Nature, and 8 billion people!  

Let’s Increase our awareness of our place in the Global CommUnity, explore our intersections at the universal human experience, celebrate and honor our unique and authentic cultural identities, and aspire to fortify our most basic common denominators and highest aligned potentials!


Where are you from, where are you now? Are you Rooted & Thriving?  

 Each place on the planet has its own unique medicine and challenges.

Our stories, our ancestors, places, nature, and people create what we each call “Home”.

You, your roots, and where you are in the world make it what it is! Innovate change for yourself and future generations.

Re-member and re-connect to timeless ways of Thriving within, with others, &with the planet!


What we need, Soul Power, 

What we want Soul Power!” 

Let’s unlock what moves you at the Soul level! What’s your passion? Your Purpose? Your intrinsic motivation? At its core, it’s all love. S.ending O.ut U.niversal L.ove