Delivering life changing, entertaining, and educational programing that empowers healthy collective and individual social change, self-transformation and a healthy relationship to place. 


With a cultural and historical narrative that is harmful to the positive self-image, identity, and actualization of Black and POC youth in mainstream American and global culture, there is an urgency to develop a new narrative, deliver outlets of expression, as well as tools of empowerment and healing. There is currently not a widely accessible curriculum specifically empowering local identity, Global Citizenship, Identity and Culture serving youth, young adults, and communities of Color.By fostering a healthy local and global identity across the African diaspora (wherever there are Afrikan/Black/ people), our communities and the planet at large can have a greater opportunity for all people to individually and collectively reach our highest actualization.

Noted Appearances, Presentations,

Training, and Performances

School for International Training, Language, and Culture Study, Kunning, China 2005

New Story Summit Findhorn Institute, Scotland, September 2014

LEAF Festival, Fall 2015, Spring 2017

American Textures Documentary, 2016-2017

LEAF International- Ambassador, St. Luis de Sud, Haiti, Summer 2016

NC Collegiate Campus Compact, Edutainment Keynote 2016

Methodist University, Keynote International Education Week 2016

Life is A Verb Conference, Fall 2016 and Fall 2018 

Arizona State University, Keynote International Education Week, 2017

Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institute, Keynote International Education Week, 2017

Organizational and Private TaiChi’ Chi Gung and Gung Fu Instructor, Piedmont and Asheville, NC 2008-2019 

Who is Jonathan Santos? 

Singer/Songwriter, Poet, Cultural Community Worker, Educator,

Tai Chi practitioner and father, Jonathan “Santos” is an artist of many forms.

Jonathan Santos (Santos Soul) is a Poetic Soul Singer, Songwriter, and Cultural Organizer. Santos has been performing and culturally organizing through music, movement, and Edutainment nationally and internationally for the past 15 years. Based in North Carolina, U.S.A., Santos extends his journey aimed at “Collective Change Through Self-Transformation” with song, poetry, breath, and movement. His influences draw from the message music of Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, Hip-Hop Culture, Spoken Word, R&B, and World folk music. His mantra is, “I’m Changing the World, by Changing Me!”


Santos is Cacique/Chief and founder of GlocalSoul Edutainment, an art-based business and empowerment platform officially started in 2014. Its mission is to deliver “Life Changing, Entertaining, and Educational Programing that leads to empowering healthy collective and individual social change and self-transformation.”


As a performer, Santos continues to provide uplifting, empowering messages through a blend of soulful acoustic and electronic music stylings solo and with the SOULution Band 


As a community advocate, Santos is a community organizer and facilitator utilizing his music to foster community development and change. Santos possesses a B.A. in Political Science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, and is also a Sifu/Instructor in Tai Chi, ChiGung, Meditation, and Gung Fu. 



You are in CommUnity with Queen Mother Earth, Nature, and 7.7 billion people!  

Let’s Increase our awareness of our place in the Global CommUnity, explore our intersections at the universal human experience, celebrate and honor our unique and authentic cultural identities in a global context!


Where are you from, where are you now, 

and are your Roots intact?  

 Our stories, our ancestors, places, nature, and people we call “Home”. You, your roots, and where you are in the world make it what it is! Innovate change for your and future generations. Give back!


What we need, Soul Power, 

What we want Soul Power!” 

Let’s unlock what moves you at the Soul level! What’s your passion? Your Purpose? Your intrinsic motivation?